The Stranger


Ponderings from Beaufort St – 9th May 2013
I’d ambled along my usual route
In vague and sleepy trance
Hoping I would wake
Before the morning meeting with my desk
She turned and asked me for directions
A strange clad woman not from here
Her face obscured with doctors mask
And eyes in shades did hide.
I point out the way to her
But still she stood perplexed
And in the end I sighed
Inviting her to walk with me
The people stared in perplexity
Me windblown and dishevelled
Her in lonely, fearful desperation
Trying to converse
Was she an angel in disguise
Sent to see if I would pause
Or scurry by
In somnolent trance
The truth is more prosaic
Simply a student who’d lost her way
She’d landed in this city
From Korean spring to wintry May
I showed her where to go
And watched her walk away
For fifteen minutes of my life
A stranger crossed my path.

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