The Swim

Evening crawls steadily forward
Last remnants of heat,
The unwanted friend who never knows
When it’s time to go
Strands of clouds, ooze crimson
Like some diseased artery
Parrots petulant from the day
Squabble, irritable children who
Cannot settle
The water chemically cloudy
To kill bloody bandages and stray hairs
Floating invisible tentacles too sickly weak
To stay rooted in the scalp
Amongst it all he plunges to forget
Thoughts constricted to a lap
The unthinking stroke
Water giving way, supporting
Caressing, unlike life
Shadows pass him
Young men, trim keeled, turbo driven
The arrogant assurance age is but a
Far off number
Older men, seal like and leathery
The arrogant assurance they can still compete
Churn the watery wake
While he, in wistful reminiscence
Remembers then forgets
Rising up, he sees the evening star
Water cascading from him
Tiny streams scurry, not to be left behind
Evening has become night
The parrots have settled
There is silence within the silence
Turning, he lifts himself
Kneels, stands

And walks away

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By badgerslabyrinth