The Taxi Driver


Ponderings from Beaufort St – 2nd May 2013
He parked and scratched his head
The GPS agreed he was where he should be
But where the passenger was meant to be,
Was empty space
He checked his watch
He was on time
He turned around
As if some game of hide and seek to find
A passenger who could not be found
His cab said Black and White and so should it be
But it seemed, more shades of grey to me
Perhaps he was on time in the wrong place
Perhaps he was in the right place at the wrong time
A taxi driver lost
I wondered about his passenger
Perhaps grown tired of waiting
Began their trip another way
Perhaps they still were waiting
Hoping for a taxi to come their way
So my friend, if you have to take a taxi
Two words of advice I give
First, make sure you know where you are going
You might have to get there yourself
Second, life is made up of those we meet
And also those we miss along the street.

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