The Traveller

I am a traveller
Holder of a visa
To another world
I have travelled far
Yet not that far
I walked the lines
The latitude and longitude
Of my mind, and
Crossed the equator
Of my heart
I have drifted on currents
On the sea of my soul
And felt the pull of the Divine
Yet resisted the lure
Of perfection
Darkness has often
Been my friend
While I’ve travelled
By the light of stars
Of crystalline tears
What can I tell you?
Of travelling my soul
Not much
The journey’s not finished
I still have a way to go
I can tell you this
For what it’s worth
I have come to accept
One day I’ll slip between the lines
And travel somewhere else
Another place
Another time
Other lines
And then I’ll yield

To the pull of the Divine

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By badgerslabyrinth