The untold story

Is the silence behind the smile,
The slight of distraction to
Keep momentum outwards
Never inwards.

Grey mists of grief
Roiling behind layers of
Skin, steeled and shuttered
Bulwarked against scalded tears.

I have learnt the weight
Of this darkness, a darkness
No pinprick star of love
Can penetrate.

This darkness
It is best, not to 
break the stillness 
with dreams of hope.

Yet a slender string 
Of hope, remains.
As if to taunt of
Possibilities, but not realities.

So talk and tell me of yourself
Turn not to me and ask
The story that is 

Were I to tell that story
This human frame, I am not sure
Could contain the
Opening line.

I dig further down
There is always deeper
To bury and contain
The untold story.

I watch you smile,
Temptation flickers
To start the story's line
And for a moment.......

But habit has grown
Easier than temptation.
I watch you smile, and
Keep momentum outwards.

Then you are gone
And I restless, dig
There is always deeper
To bury and contain

About the author


Same sex attracted (SSA) man, who has the privilege of being a father and a grandfather. A man whose early upbringing in fundamentalistic Christianity has evolved into a strong connection with the spiritual, esoteric and philosophical branches of understanding. Finally, a person who craves the quiet stillness and deep silence of the eternal present

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By David