This inconvenient age

I should perhaps
Act my age.
Begin to settle
Into stultifying
The endless looping
Of mindless stories
To reassure that once
I held some relevance
Perhaps I should
Act my age
Accept with ungracious
Chagrin the things I missed
And smile with
Jealous maliciousness
At youth’s reckless
Gluttony of life.
Perhaps I should
But perhaps I won’t
For this is an inconvenient age
When chronology and attitude
Are at their antagonist best
While chronology creeps
At light speed
The insipient rebellion
Of youth blooms with
Flagrant disregard
At this inconvenient age
I will waltz
With the devil, and
Drink Bacchus’ cup
A broken heart
Is freed from fear
Its fragments resilient
Can carry regrets
Without fear of hell

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By badgerslabyrinth