This Point in Time

This is the point
To which all pointed
The point of time
This is the perfect point.
We wail, convinced
It’s not the point
We should be somewhere else
We lash ourselves with “if only”
If only I done this
The present wouldn’t be thus
If only I done that
I’m sure it would be something else
Of that we’re right
A simple split second delay
A simple turning right not left
Would find us somewhere else
Would we be happy there?
At that point
Not here?
We delude ourselves we would
Yet I’m not so sure
We would
For everything has brought us
To this point
Life content to wait
While we thrash about
And wail our misery
That we missed the point
Yet perhaps in time
With grace
We come to realise
This is where we are meant to be
This is the point
The perfect point
Of all our befores

That will lead us to tomorrows

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