To All Sons


To sons
Wounded by fathers
Stunted, struggling
Convinced by his animosity or distance
We are flawed, defective, imperfect
To sons
Who learnt to retreat
From the scournful look
The silent unseeing stare
The hostile, sneering glare
To sons
Who learnt to keep our distance
From flailing fists
Well aimed hits
With hands or tongue
To sons
Who learnt to keep invisible
Silent, soundless
Good children
Who hid their shame
To us who are the wounded.
The sensitive despised by our father’s rationality
His straightness afraid, revolted by our sexuality
Our interests foreign, unusual, loathed
Further evidence of our failure to be men
To sons
Who learnt to hide our wounds
Behind the trappings of success
Who struggle to appear to be
What we thought our fathers wanted us to be.
To sons
I say enough
Our fathers could not give us what we sought
It was not theirs to give
For we are the sons who must father ourselves
To sons,
Weep; grieve for what we did not have
Howl for what we could not have
Cry your loneliness, your fear
Add your tears to the sea of all sons’ tears.
Then having grieved
You are a son who has survived
This was never about you
For what was done to you was not a product of yourself
Your father imprisoned by his chauvinism
Incarcerated in his fear
Castrated by his judgements
Confined in the walls of his prejudice and loneliness
Wounded and enraged, he took it out on you.
To sons,
It was never about us
Our sensitivity
Our sexuality
Our perceptions or our thoughts
So sons, stand tall
Stand, sickle in hand
Gather your fear
For so it is from times of old
Kronos, the son must his father defeat
We are the sons who have survived
Stand tall and proud
Your father’s wounds no longer need impale you
Your grief no longer overwhelms you
No longer the keeper of your father’s misery and judgments
Take pride in your courage
Revel in your diversity
Fill the world with your intensity
You are a son
Live in your uniqueness
For it is in your uniqueness.
It is in your courage
It is in your diversity
That you the son
The father will defeat
We are the sons
We have survived
We say to sons still struggling
Courage, do not despair
Stand tall, you are a son who will survive

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