I had a
Skinny soy latte
Though I think
I muttered
Lately so skinny
The Barista blinked
And gave me a cup
Topped with a leaf
I saluted the sun
Who wasn’t impressed
Did downward dog
And understood why
Dogs have evolved to
Staying on all fours
I stretched and I grunted
Then collapsed
In meditation
My body disciplined
My mind racing
My tension levels screaming
I tried to count my breathing
In between my swearing
I thought I should be calm
But it’s a serious business
Being calm
There is face book to monitor
And Google + with its
Circles and circles
There are twitters to tweet
And tweeting twitters
Whose bowels have just opened
It’s a serious business
Keeping up with what’s happening
It’s lunch time already
The morning has flown
I’m starved and I’m hungry
The lettuce is limp
Greasy chips, a special treat
Fifth day in a row
I’ll deal with my guilt by
Absolving myself in exercise
I’ve arrived at
The end of the day
Frazzled and fractious
Fatigued and peevish
Testy and touchy
A glass of wine
Or two or three
Will have to do
It’s a serious business
This relaxing
Not one to be taken
Lightly, there needs to be
Sufficient tension
So I know I’m really
Relaxing, taking it easy
Doing it right
Of course,
I could laugh at myself
And my earnest endeavours
I could holler and hoot
And take it all
More lightly
I could?
Could I?

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By badgerslabyrinth