Twice born

It’s true
I was twice born
Though I didn’t know
Till today
At my first birth
You were not there
Maternal love
Strangled by
Depressions cord
Soul eaten by
Post partum blackness
My life, emerged
External burden
Born then borne
With little joy
My second birth
I was not there
Love had left
Long before you
The corpse of
Our love, unburied
Lay long years
Rotting between us
A carcass, bloated,
For you to feed off
With your shark like
Ferocity and speed
I was not there
When you cast your moorings
And the tide of dementia
Drifted in
As you lost your moorings
And life washed you out
I was not there
As life breathed out
In your going
I had my second birth
And I cried

When I was born twice
Eulogy for my mother

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