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She dressed in opulence
Unconcerned at stares
Drawn by her extravagance
Swathed in golden hues
Of texture light filament
She lit the skies
Of grey drawn men
Yet some her beauty missed
Consumed by worries and
Gun metalled burdened care
I marvelled in her confidence
Her beauteous profligacy
Unconcerned that fading light
Would hide
Beauty such as this
Her jewellery burnished gold
And in her garments
Cerise and crimson glowed
Hints of mauve based on
Cerulean sapphire blue
Some would think her mad
Her beauty indecent waste
Some would pass un-noticing
Humanoids evolving into
Extended ipads
But I, for one saw her
As I walked home from work
And I for one marvelled
At her luxurious lavishness
No mad old dowager she
The setting sun
In all its splendour
Reflecting light
Astounding beauty
Gracious gift of glory

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