Untitled # 2 – Experiences of Depression


Coiled she waits
With frozen expectancy
The first fluttering of my eyelids
She slithers between lashes
Spreading her grey sticky slime
Feeding on my fusty night breath
Drinking its bilious, sour odour
She greets me with delight
Succubus of energy
Drained before I stir
I wait, hoping
Some fragment of energy
Her in-breathing will have fled and
Grant me strength to rise
Yet, thoughts coagulate and shrink in dread
Before the rising light of day
I, I want to sleep
Rip van Winkle’s sleep
Undisturbed and unperturbed
While life slips slowly by
But sleep no rest provides
For leaden thoughts
Ooze through fretful ponderings
Of my mind
I must face this day,
This grey, pallid day
Ashen, sallow and washed out
Waiting in the ante room of life
Perhaps this fog will lift
Perhaps I will walk with vigour
Perhaps I will join life
But not today
Today I wait
Once more
Molasses leaden
Grey, dreary, fatigued
Depressed by my depression
Till I can sink once more
Into oblivion

Throughout 2010 I experienced episodes of depression, this reflects my experience.  I have entitled it “Untitled” as I recognise that people experience depression differently

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