Untitled No 3

Defined by the senses
Solidified by touch
Believed with conviction
Assured by our perspective
We are right
But what if we are wrong?
Our perspective distorted
Warped by fears infection
What if dancing molecules
Respond to touch by
Deluding solid form
We are right
We can’t be wrong
We have to hold the line
Reality is as we describe
Substance defined by
But what if we are wrong?
Our faith infected by
Corrosive doubt
And substance an illusive form
What if descriptors of reality
Are fabricated fantasy
We are content
To live within the rules
The confines of our reality
Convinced of our correctness
Assured of our rightness
Gagging on our certainty
Yet perhaps there may arise within
A discontent with conformity
A revolt against orthodoxy
And gagging against our certainty
Some courage form
To live with uncertainty
It is the space between belief and doubt
The gap between our faith and fear
The shadow between our certainty and insecurities
It is here
In this place

We are ourselves.

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  • When I read your poem this morning it got me thinking and brought a poem to my mind that I will be getting put onto my blog in about a month or so, but I wanted to thank you for the inspiration for it now and let you read it earlier than you would otherwise have opportunity to.

    What Is Real
    By Joseph Kemper 23 June 2013

    What is real
    If I raise a child
    If a person is raised up being told
    That blue is red
    And red is blue
    Are his colors different than yours
    If we teach him that
    Soft is slimy
    And rough is soft
    What do our teachings change
    Does the feather change
    And become sticky and gooey
    Do our teachings make the rock
    Become a great pillow
    Or do we simply teach the child
    A new language
    Could we be wrong about
    What we think is real
    If life were a dream
    Would it really change anything
    Is a child's tears after
    A bad dream
    Pulled from an imaginary fear
    Real or not
    The fear is real
    If life where not real
    Would it really change anything
    Would a stubbed toe
    Or a broken heart
    Hurt any less
    In the moment
    A dream is real
    To the frightened child
    But the truth about the dream
    Does help the child grow
    Is this life real
    Yes it is
    Just like the dream
    Was not the beginning
    Or the end
    Of the child's life
    Our life here
    Is not the beginning
    And it will not be the end
    In the dream the child's life
    May be changed
    It may be forgotten
    But when his parents
    Calm his fears
    And wipe away his tears
    He starts to grasp again
    Who he is
    And where he's at
    When this life has
    Come to a close
    God will calm our fears
    And wipe away our tears
    And will help us to learn again
    Who we are
    And where he wants to take us

  • Thank you Joseph, I appreciate you sharing and letting me read your work it is beautiful. I love your words "our life here is not the beginning and it will not be the end"! Kind Regards David