Untitled No 8

I stalk the edges of your soul
Unobserved I watch with baleful eyes
Ignored, I feed in corners
A voraciousness I hide
I live behind the fence of smiling eyes
Though blank stares suit me best
Dementia eludes me
I remember very well
Chameleon camouflaged
Concealed behind compassion
I choke on smoke screens empathy
Indifferent and uncaring
At times corrosive, caustic
Acid tongue
Will flash and flicker
Before dipped once more in honey
Know this
I am your rage
Powerful, potent, articulate
I cast aside my camouflage
I rise in wraths red heat
No childish tantrum this
No selfish sulk
That life did not go my way
From silent furies furnaces forged
My voice will learn to speak
And in the spoken word

My birth right I will claim

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