I sit observing
Eyes, glassy vacant
A human mannequin
Propped in a corner
Waiting my cue
I learnt my lines
But did not learn to speak
I learnt to say what I was told
Smooth actor of many parts
Numerous lines and other truths
I talk with different voices, the
Burlesques shows I’ve performed
Orator for the Divine, my best
I filled the silence and
Warmed the crowds with hope
I’ve thrown my voice
Into many roles
Yet never thrown it into myself
I’ve played the game
Some say, far to well
But never played myself

I never could play myself
My voice too loud
Was best suppressed
My voice was always wrong
So I hid my voice
In a Chinese box
The crowds have gone
Though if truth be told
It was I who left, not them
Their truth became a burden
And now?
In the silence
I’m listening for an echo
Hoping for a faint reverberation
That will show me where
I hid the Chinese box

In which I hid my voice

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By badgerslabyrinth