We are the silent sons


We are

The silent sons

Of silent men.

We were

Not born

This way,

But have

Grown so.

Slowly silent

A severity,

We were told

For our own good.

We climbed

Our fathers

Mt Moriah,

To find

No sacrificial lamb

But us.

Our father’s God,

Content to sacrifice

His sons.

To bleach their

Bones, on the

Alter of respectability.

Grey suits

Crushed into


I am the

Silent Son

Of a silent man,

Yet silent

No more, will I be

To masculinities mores.

I have served my time,

And paid my dues

To Patriarchal Gods.

I will claim my

Recompense, for I

Am no sacrificial lamb.

I am no more

The son

Of a silent man.

About the author


Same sex attracted (SSA) man, who has the privilege of being a father and a grandfather. A man whose early upbringing in fundamentalistic Christianity has evolved into a strong connection with the spiritual, esoteric and philosophical branches of understanding. Finally, a person who craves the quiet stillness and deep silence of the eternal present

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By David