Welcome to a Grandson


With Taurean fortitude
You were determined to remain
Enraptured with maternal heartbeat
Until the very end
When Kairos called
Reluctantly you stirred
And with one last long backward look
Made your awaited entrance
Child of my child
Woven from families ancient strands
Entranced I gaze with rapturous look
Upon your tiny frame
Held in my arms you sleep
And time rewinds in lightening speed
For in your deep repose
Your motherโ€™s visage I behold
But you are your own
A future story to unfold
So sleep my grandson
Small bull of May
Gather your strength
For this journey of life
No words of wisdom do I bring
To guide you on your way
The only words I say
And hope you hear in downy sleep, are
Welcome grandson
You are much loved

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