What will I pay the Ferry Man

What will I pay the Ferry man
When he comes to collect me?
When his boat pulls alongside
And he beckons me
To board
What will I give to make sure
I get to the other shore?
Perhaps I’ll give my riches
Or what I’ve left of them
Yet as I look at the Styx
It’s bottom covered
With the wealth of those
Who’ve gone before
A wishing well of rich wishes
Of those who didn’t make it
To the other shore
Perhaps I’ll give my goodness
After all I’ve done good deeds
I’ve done the right thing
By most at least, perhaps there were
A few missed out
I’ve been kind when I’ve felt kind
And compassion when I’ve been compassionate
The exceptions to my kindness prove the rule
At least I hope the Ferry man agrees
But I’m not sure
If that will get me to the other shore
Perhaps I’ll give my faith
For I believe
That God in heaven waits for me
He’s called me to Himself
But my faith is more hope than faith
And more doubt than either hope or faith
Perhaps there’s not this place
I’m not sure faith will see me
To the other shore
I don’t have much left
To give the Ferry man
When he comes for me
The memories and good times
Into eternity
Perhaps there is just me
To get me to the other shore.
I’ll go down to the Ferry man
I, myself and me
Stripped of wealth and goodness
Kindness, faith and hope
It will just be plain old me
And I’ll tell the Ferry man this
Dear sir,
I’ve had a good life
And excellent life
I’ve lived it to the full
It’s been full of happiness
Full of sadness
Full of love
Full of loneliness
Full of hope
Full of disappointment
Full of anger
Full of laughter
Full of faith
Full of doubt
Yes kind sir
It’s been a great life
I’ve seen sunsets
I’ve held new borns
I’ve heard the silence of the universe
I’ve seen the dappled sunbeams play
And oceans their restless waves enjoyed
I’ve tasted the grape of the vine
And marvelled at what men have achieved
It’s been a great life
So take me as I am
Content, at peace
And in one heart
I’ve had a good life
And this last journey
Remains to me
Take me, as I am
To the other side
For this is how I came
And this is how I’ll go
Just me and only me.
And the Ferry man
Look at me

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