What will you do?

What will you do?
When life grows stale
And energy is sapped
By boring routines
And safety is now
Your prison
What will you do?
When love grows cold
And hearts are fragile
With pain
When memories are all
That is left
What will you do?
When the acid of disappointment
Eats into your bones
And you taste the
Bile of discouragement
That what you thought was, wasn’t
When will you do?
When your heart breaks
And the pain of life
Seems to much
And tears are all
You can taste
What will you do?
For the winter
Of your soul will come
Don’t fret
Be patient
When the heart breaks
There is still mystery of light
Behind shadows
Through the tears
There are rainbows
That can be seen
Though love has grown cold
In the winter of your soul
It is not dead
It is only resting
Soon it will surprise

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By badgerslabyrinth