Where did you go?

I stood by the shore and waited
Where did you go?
I stood by the shore and watched
For you to return
I stood by the shore and felt
Your aching absence
What did you see?
What did you feel?
When you stood by the shore
Waiting for me
I saw the earth turn
Yet remain in place
I felt the storms weep
In pent up fury
At their powerlessness
I saw the power of a flower
To resurrect itself
I saw the smallest star
Breathe its last in
Explosive delight
I felt the pause between the seasons
I felt the bird breathe before it began
Its song
I felt silence’s vibration
But you, where did you go?
What was so important you left me for?
I had to do my duty
And did you?
And has your duty finished?
Then I will tell you what I heard
I heard nature dance
I heard nature catch its breath
At the beauty of itself
I heard nature call you.
Call you,
To dance with me
To trust with me
And in the dancing
To know
What will I know?
You will know what you know
You will learn what you do not know
And in the gap between what you
Know and do not know
In the silence

Wonder will grow

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By badgerslabyrinth