Ponderings from Beaufort St – 1st September 2013.
They stood, huddled in the door way
Two bodies taking up space
Peering through glass panes
They looked within
A window to another space
An empty space,
Deserted and forlorn
Where echoes had died
Strangled by the empty weight
Of rooms with no breathing space
They shuffled sideways
To a window, grey and grimed
Looking through
Dusty tracks of tears
Rain drops of regret
Empty rooms, filled
With silent memories
Sepia toned, shadows
Loitering in the corners
Of their minds
They stood, but where?
In front of the window looking in?
Or behind the window looking in?
Did they peer within?
Or peer without?
With a sigh, they turned
And walked away
Imprint of a hand
On a grimy window

A smudge of memory

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By badgerslabyrinth