Would You?

Would you be my lover?
He asked
I blinked, unsure
What he was asking?
Did he want to love me, or
Me to love him
Love is seldom
A two way street
More an untravelled track
East on both horizons
I grinned, uncertain
To buy me time
Would you, if asked
Be his lover?
Beware of lovers
Meagre pickings
The anorexic meals
On plates of pure intention
Promises, as sharp as
Knives to cut yourself
In your loneliness
And disappointment
Kisses, sealed, lubed and
Vacuumed packed
Prevention against
Passion leaking into life
Would you be my lover?
I left him hanging on the phone
I blinked and smiled
And left him hanging
He needed his mother
Not a lover

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By badgerslabyrinth